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Greetings fellow humans! We are an IT startup or, in other words, we specialize in making things simpler. We are techies, but we believe in hiring the most talented people (not robots) to help your business move forward. And, to make things easier, we speak your language! If you speak “techy”, “businessy” or even alien (that would be fun!) we’ve got you!
As a startup, we have the best of both worlds, a vibrant, agile, and innovative startup environment, with the security of belonging to a solid group with 1700 people. So, If you’re a very talented person that wants to feel valued in a great work environment, apply here:
If you’re a business person that needs help, so you can focus on what really matters to you, just click on the “contact us” button on top and say Hi :)!
By the way, we have specialists working in all of these fields: – IT Consulting – Nearshore – Turn key projects – Blockchain & Machine Learning And technologies – OutSystems – Mobile App Development – Web Development – Cloud Development – Aws, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud – Java Development – .net Development – DevOps – QA – IT Support/Helpdesk – Blockchain, Machine Learning – Business analyst and project management So, feel free to reach out in the chat! We love getting to know inspiring new people and businesses!